Conditions We Treat 

Head, Spine & Pelvis  - 

We treat many conditions related to the head, spine and pelvis.  These are the regions for which chiropractors are most known to treat.  Conditions in these areas may be caused by decreased joint mobility, muscle imbalances, or neural dysfunctions, and include headaches, vertigo, neck/mid back/low back pain, rib pain and sciatica.

Head, Spine & Pelvis | MoveStrong Chiropractic & Rehabilitation


Upper Extremities -

The upper extremities include the shoulders, upper arms, elbows, forearms and wrists/hands.  Conditions in these areas are often a result of acute injury or chronic repetitive stress.

 Upper Extremities | MoveStrong Chiropractic & Rehabilitation


Lower Extremities -

The lower extremities consist of the hips, thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles and feet.  The lower extremities act as shock absorbers for most of our daily activities.  Dysfunctions in these areas are not only painful, but can lead to dysfunctions in other areas of the body.

Lower Extremities | MoveStrong Chiropractic & Rehabilitation






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