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We help ACTIVE ADULTS and ATHLETES in the Santa Cruz Area get back to their WORKOUTS and SPORTS!

without surgery, stopping the activities they love, or relying on pain medicine

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Welcome to MoveStrong Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Who we are


We combine the most innovative Chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques to create a uniquely personalized treatment program to meet your goals.  

At MoveStrong Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we believe that humans are strong, resilient, and highly adaptable. Our goal is to empower the individual and give them the treatment, knowledge, skills, and strength necessary to keep their body healthy and actively participating in the activities that they love. Using a holistic approach, we will help you MOVE STRONG, THINK STRONG, and BE STRONG. 

We use movement assessments, manual therapies, pain education, and corrective exercise, to treat and correct the problem rather than the symptom alone. We believe that the chiropractic adjustment is a powerful tool that should be used in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions. We incorporate these interventions into a client-centered treatment plan unique to your needs. Our emphasis will be placed on relieving pain in order to create a window of opportunity to train your body to move in patterns that will prevent pain from returning.

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Commonly Treated Conditions

  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Postural Discomfort
  • Neck, Mid-Back, Low-Back pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Wrist, Elbow Pain
  • Knee Pain, Hip Pain
  • Shoulder Pain

What To Expect

What to expect at your first appointment

Your initial appointment typically lasts about an hour. The doctor will perform an evaluation to gather information about your current condition and past medical history, perform a physical exam, and provide treatment.

Most clients will receive treatment on their first visit. This may include chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, muscle stretching, corrective exercise.

We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that will not restrict your range of motion. The doctor may provide soft tissue therapies that are applied directly to the skin, or may take you through some corrective exercises that may cause you to work up a sweat

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Health History

Our past injuries, health related issues, experiences, and expectations are major contributors to our current health and well being and can help guide the course of care for optimal results. Learn More


We use a variety of assessment tools including Orthopedic tests, SFMA, DNS, and FRC to find the source of the problem and use the correct strategies to fix it. Learn More


Following your initial exam we will continue treatment specific to the problem incorporating the therapeutic interventions necessary to get you back to doing the things you love. Learn More


Exercise Library, book notes, and other helpful information can be found here. Learn More

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Kyle Hardwick

Dr. Kyle Hardwick DC, CSCS

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Reviews from our clients

"I've been to three chiropractors and several doctors over the last 4 years with constant pain in my shoulder, foot and leg from an old accident. In two weeks with Kyle the shoulder pain was gone, not lessened, but actually 100% gone. I am running again and in the process of rebuilding my leg and foot. I highly recommend paying a visit whether it be for an adjustment or Physical Therapy."
Will Tuma

Are you ready to MoveStrong, ThinkStrong, and BeStrong?

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