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Chiropractic is a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care. Chiropractors focus on disorders of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health. They are able to examine, diagnose and treat a multitude of neuromusculoskeletal complaints, as well as nutritional, dietary and lifestyle issues.  Chiropractors are most known for joint manipulation, also called a “chiropractic adjustment.” Joint manipulation is a passive musculoskeletal procedure performed by the doctor to create a stretch to the joint. The purpose is to restore joint mobility by applying a controlled force into specific joints that have become hypomobile (or restricted in movement) as a result of tissue injury. The effects of joint manipulation to areas of injury include relief from musculoskeletal pain, a shorter recovery time from sprains, an increase in range of motion, and positive influences on the nervous system.

Soft Tissue Mobilization 

 Soft Tissue Mobilization | MoveStrong Chiropractic & RehabilitationSoft tissues include muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursae, fascia, and nerves. The treatment of these structures is called soft tissue mobilization. When trauma occurs, whether from a single traumatic event or repeated microtrauma, inflammation follows. The inflammation leads to scar tissue formation, decreasing the ability of the muscle to lengthen and contract normally, which negatively impacts range of motion. The effect can be very specific within a muscle or can affect entire muscle groups leading to faulty biomechanics. The scar tissue can also cause pain and predispose you to re-injury.    The purpose of soft tissue mobilization is to restore normal texture, tightness, flexibility and function to the affected tissue. We utilize several techniques such as Active Release Technique (ART®), Graston Technique, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Release.

Rehabilitative & Corrective Exercise

 Rehabilitative & Corrective Exercise | MoveStrong Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Mobility and Stability are key components to recovery and performance. All movement patterns require motion through multiple joints and if any areas have restrictions and are unable to move through the required motion with proper loading of the joint, that’s where pain and injury can ultimately begin. If mobility or stability issues are revealed during the movement assessment and examination by the doctor, the patient may be prescribed various exercises/movements tailored specifically to promote healing and increase resilience within the joint, tissue, or structure involved. 



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